5 Quick Fixes for the Holidays


Need to have an idea of a short to-do list around the house before the holidays are in full swing? Here are a few quick fixes around the house you should look into before diving into the end-of-year festivities. Your guests will be much happier if these simple things are in working order.

Repair Leaky Faucets & Running Toilets

The last thing you want around the holidays is for guests to have troubles with the toilet or sink. Imagine trying to prepare a holiday dinner with a non-functional kitchen faucet. The bathroom sink and toilet will be used more than usual at this time and should be at their best.

Clean the Gutters

When the gutters are dirty, this causes runoff water. In the colder months, this can cause more ice to build up along walkways and around the house. Keep the gutters clean to help prevent your guests from slipping on excess ice.

Clean Chimney & Fireplace

Many people enjoy sitting by the fire around the holidays. Make sure yours is safe and available for use by keeping it clean. A chimney sweep can help with the more difficult areas. Remember that dirty fireplaces can cause fires.

Garbage Disposal Should Work Properly

This will get used a fair amount of the time during the holidays. Extra meals will be prepared and in some cases, heartier meals. An operating garbage disposal will help keep your sink functional, as well as clean.

Check Your Water Heater & Furnace

Part of keeping guests comfortable involves making sure your home is well-heated and everyone has enough hot water. Make sure your how water heater and furnace are in tip-top shape before the holidays.

These simple tasks can help ensure you have a happier, cozier holiday. Don’t be afraid to consult a professional if you can’t do this yourself. Your guests will thank you later.

Having a Passion for Remodeling


Whatever it is you do, passion for what you do is important. When it comes to remodeling, there is nothing more important to me than attention to detail. It’s all about providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ problems. This is why when you are looking for any sort of home improvement contractor, whether it be for handyman work or a major renovation, you must always look for passion.

You must be sure that whenever you hire anyone for any sort of project in your home that you are not simply another job on their schedule. Sometimes we handy persons and remodelers get large blocks of jobs all in a row – which does happen sometimes. But whether a contractor is swamped or not, the same passion must go into each job. This is why it’s so important to check references. When you look at references, look for those who are clearly dedicated to every single job, no matter how small. You want someone who cares about your home as much as you do and will guarantee that. Seek out those reviews that show that if a problem arose, that the contractor involved came back and left with a satisfied customer. If you have a contractor who doesn’t give you that piece of mind, then chances are that is not the right person you want working for you.

The ideal contractor is someone who is not only an expert in their given field, but someone who helps you to understand the options available. Involving the homeowner in the decision-making process is the best policy. Being able to explain a situation in plain, clear language and presenting all of the available options in a concise and honest way is paramount to being a good, successful contractor.

But at the end of the day, it’s the passion and dedication that goes into even the leaky faucets and the broken light sockets that makes the difference. People remember enthusiasm and timely, efficient labor because that is what contracting is all about. You trust us to do the job correctly and affordably, so it is our obligation to you to follow through and perform and above and beyond your expectations. We want to share our dedication and passion for handyman work and remodeling with you on a daily basis. Whenever you need something done quickly and right, you can always count on your local friendly and passionate neighborhood handyman and remodeling company.


Organizing a Small Garage – Making the Most of Your One-Car Garage

When you have a small one-car garage, it may seem like you never have enough room for everything. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Organizing a one-car garage to fit everything you need is possible — and it’s easier than you think. Make the most of a small space with these simple tips.


Base Organization on Usage

Will you be parking your car in the garage? If not, this will give you even more space. If so, try to keep the storage areas to the sides and to the top of the garage. That way, you won’t need to move items out of the way in order to park. If you’re using a one-car garage for building or fixing things, make sure your tools are within easy access, but also out of the way of anything else you may be doing.



Utilize High Spaces for Shelving

Keeping the shelving up high helps ensure nothing large will be in the way of parking your vehicle. Free-standing shelves may be too bulky, especially in smaller spaces. Use “floating” shelves to store items that need to be shelved. Use bins and baskets on these shelves to hold smaller items. You may also wish to create shelving within the ceiling rafters for storage of larger items that aren’t used every day.


Use Empty Wall and Ceiling Spaces

All of the empty space on your walls can actually be put to good use. Peg boards or slatted wall panels can make it easy to insert hooks and hangers. There are special ceiling hangers and hooks for the garage rafters that you can use to hang items, such as bicycles. By hanging things like garden tools, mowers, and bikes on the wall or ceiling, you keep them off the floor and out of the way. This creates more space to use for parking, creating projects, or other common garage uses.


Photo credits: Flickr, Creative Commons 2.0, courtesy of Rubbermaid Products

The Importance of Maintaining Quality House Gutters



House gutters are generally available in aluminum, steel, copper, wood and PVC. They come in traditional sectionals or seamless styles. Both styles can be protected with gutter guards. Those going for a fashionable look may choose copper seamless gutters. If avoiding rust is the main goal, aluminum house gutters may be the better choice. Another option for avoiding rust is PVC. For those who wish to install their house gutters themselves, PVC is usually the preferred option.

When choosing quality house gutters, it is important to look at a variety of styles and designs from more than one vendor. Not all vendors will have the exact same options or the quality that you may be looking for. Be sure to ask each vendor very specific questions on quality, pricing and maintenance.

Vendors can present specifics about the products available, as not all will be the same. Some vendors offer only one type of house gutter, while others may carry a variety of gutter systems. Another benefit to comparing multiple vendors is pricing. If you are looking at similar products, it is easier to choose the best quality for the best price when more than one vendor is considered. Especially in the case of house gutters, the price point should not be the primary factor, but instead the quality and value you are receiving with your purchase.


Maintaining Quality House Gutters

Part of keeping quality house gutters performing their best is regular maintenance. Depending on the style of your house gutters, replacing gutter screens or guards is one form of maintenance that will need to be done regularly. Other maintenance may include clearing gutters of debris, which can be done using a water hose. If the gutter clog is not easily removed using the hose, sections of the gutter such as the downspout may need to be removed to clear the blockage.

Gutters should be cleared as often as necessary. When house gutters are not properly maintained, leakage can cause problems such as moist ground next to the foundation. This can lead to mold and can even weaken the foundation itself.

Quality gutters are one of the most important things to maintain around your home, as they can prevent thousands of dollars in damage from occurring to your home. This is why buying and maintaining quality house gutters should always be a top priority for every homeowner.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

seamless gutters
Of the different types of gutter systems available, seamless gutters are considered by many to be the best. There are a wide variety of benefits to seamless gutters versus traditional sectional gutter systems. Seamless gutters help to keep the rainwater away from basements, patios and walls, which is good news for the foundation of your home. Excess moisture can weaken a foundation. It also is good news for your patio. Seamless gutters can prevent concrete slabs from slipping and cracking.


Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Some gutter systems are more prone to leaks, due to the cracks (or seams) in the sections. This can cause drip lines or discoloration on the bricks or concrete of the structure, driveway or patio. These leaks also can cause other problems such as a weakened foundation.

Seamless gutters can help prevent land crop erosion, which means that gardening and landscaping could be made simpler just by choosing seamless gutters. Wooden doors have a tendency to buckle when there is too much moisture. The same is true for wooden stairs and hardwood floors. Seamless gutters can prevent this by guiding the moisture away from those entry areas and into the sewage system.

By sending water into the sewage system, seamless gutters prevent runoff damage. Runoff damage can lead to wildlife endangerment, landscape erosion, slippage of concrete slabs on patios and walkways, and more.

Seamless gutters also benefit homeowners in that mud splashes on garage doors, entry doors and other areas can be prevented with their use. Seamless gutters generally are sold and installed by professionals. When inquiring about seamless gutters, be sure to ask for details and quotes from multiple vendors. By comparing vendors, it will be easier to find the best quality seamless gutters for the fairest price.


Photo credit: Flickr user Metroplex Gutters, Creative Commons