Advantages of Adding a Tiny Bathroom to Your Home

Is there some wasted space in your home you wish that you could give some purpose? Perhaps it’s a walk-in closet you use for stuff that you rarely access. It could be a little alcove in your basement or a book at the end of a hallway that serves pretty much no function. Have you ever considered using that space instead for a tiny bathroom?

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Heated Bathroom Floors: Not Just for High-End Budgets

Heated bathroom floors aren’t just for high end budgets. In fact, bathroom floors using radiant heat only add a few hundred dollars to the cost of a bathroom remodel. While some people consider them a luxury, many homeowners are adding them as a creature comfort that may be well worth the extra investment. Read more

What Color Scheme Should I Choose For My Bathroom?

If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom, you may be considering what color scheme you want to use. It depends on whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near-future or if you’re staying long-term. One popular design trend in bathrooms is to make your overall bathroom color scheme white or neutral.

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How Dangerous is the Mold in Your Bathroom?

Some molds are nothing to worry about and simple wipe away with a good cleaning. Yet others are more worrisome and even toxic. How dangerous is the mold in your bathroom and how would you even know? Read more

What is a Realistic Bathroom Remodeling Budget?

When planning for your bathroom remodel, you may be wondering what a realistic number might be to set as your maximum budget. Unlike kitchens, which can be worth spending up to 25 percent of your home’s value, bathrooms typically should be budgeted between 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. This makes remodeling a bathroom about half as expensive as your kitchen, mostly because there is considerably less cabinetry involved. Read more