5 Bathroom Trends to Watch in 2016

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. While you want it to obviously be functional and practical, you still want it to look good, right? If you’re looking for some design ideas, we’ve compiled five popular bathroom design trends prevalent in 2016. While you don’t have to buy into the latest trends, we hope that you can get some ideas for what you’d like to integrate into your bathroom when the time comes to remodel. Read more

Is it Easy to Convert a Half Bath Into a Full Bath?

Half baths, also known as water closets or powder rooms, can be very useful in a home. They add a household convenience and can fit into a small space. But if your household has outgrown your home’s complement of full baths, you may be considering converting your existing half bath or half baths into a full bathroom.

Converting an Existing Closet Into New Bathroom Space

One of the common ways to expand the space available is to remove an adjoining closet, as many half baths are next to existing closet space. Sometimes, closets themselves are large enough spaces to be utilized as half baths already. Combining these spaces can provide enough room for a shower stall, bathtub, and additional storage space. The storage space in the expanded bathroom may be able to be used for some of the same items that would have been in the old closet, such as cleaning supplies. Read more

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Bathroom Design


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house and designing it for maximum utility and comfort is essentially. When remodeling your bathroom, here are 5 common design mistakes to avoid.

Inadequate Waterproofing

Bathrooms are naturally quite wet. It’s estimated that proper waterproofing costs should account for 5 to 10 percent of the total cost of the room. Also, many materials that work fine in the design showroom don’t necessarily hold up to long-term exposure to moisture. This is why it’s best to design and build with durable materials that stand up to any moisture.master-bathroom

Slippery Floors or Carpet in Bathrooms

Bathroom floors need traction. Having a shiny floor such as glossy tile or polished stone for a bathroom is a major no-no. Also, carpets and bathrooms don’t mix, due to the fact that with how much moisture ends up being in a bathroom, you invite mold, mildew, or other things to collect in the carpet. Bath mats are fine as long as they’re washed often, but carpeting, especially around the toilet, can collect a lot of unwanted smells and sanitary issues.

Insufficient Lighting

Many designers will suggest that having no natural light in any room, especially the bathroom, is a major sin. This can’t always be avoided based on where the bathroom needs to be put. Skylights and light tubes are good ways to get around not having space for a window available. But these options aren’t always available for the space, either. There are innovative design options such as finding ways to bring in light from adjoining rooms. In any case, if you have no way to let in natural light, use light cabinetry and have plenty of ambient lighting in the bathroom to avoid making the space feel creepy.

Using Bland or Overpowering Tile

Typical 4×4 white tile is something found in far too many remodeled bathrooms. This rather bland design choice is often made in anticipation of future home resale value. Some remodels go the exact opposite direction and use tile designs that are either incredibly bright or overpowering. It may be the choice of some to go overboard to add visual interest to one of the most important rooms in the home. The trick is to add a splash of color to make for a nice conversation piece, not to have a distracting design that confuses everyone but you that uses the bathroom.

Not Venting Quickly and Quietly

The last thing you want to do when using the bathroom is to feel like you’re taking off in a jet when you turn on the exhaust fan. Despite building codes requiring “fart fans” (yes, that’s an actual term), far too often cheap $25 fans that are extremely loud and attached to cheap flexible ducts. While they may pass inspection for the airflow, measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minutes), no one wants to turn on that fan. There are many options that are long-lasting and so quiet that you forget they’re even there, well worth the extra few dollars.

Keeping these 5 design aspects in mind, your next bathroom should turn out to be durable and enjoyable for many years to come.

4 Timeless Master Bathroom Design Trends

The master bathroom is meant to be your personal retreat. When researching the many design options and materials, decision making can become overwhelming, especially when it comes to researching trends. Therefore, understanding how to incorporate the latest bathroom design trends with your own personal style and specific needs is important. Here are four trends that should give your bathroom space timeless appeal and functionality

Oak Cabinets VS White Cabinets

The most popular choices for bathroom cabinetry recentlymaster-bathroom have been oak cabinets and white cabinets. White cabinets, painted or otherwise, provide a more modern look and are usually best suited for a space in which natural light will be limited. If you have a master bathroom with plenty of natural lighting, oak cabinets can provide a more traditional and rustic look. Beyond these considerations, it comes down to personal style when choosing between these two popular choices. Whatever type of cabinets you choose, keep in mind that the darker cabinets that you choose, the more lighting that should look to have in the space, whether artificial or natural.

Walk-in Conveniences

Walk-in showers have become quite popular in many of today’s bathroom designs for their easy access and universally-friendly design. Not everyone wants a tub, and most master baths that do tend to feature jacuzzis or other luxury tubs rather than a traditional tub unit. If a master bathroom has the space, walk-in closets are also a great add-on feature to have. Some master suites will actually have a walk-in closet accessible from both the bathroom and the bedroom. However, having a dedicated walk-in storage area just for the bathroom itself can be very helpful. Such a space gives you ample room for toiletries and hygiene necessities, as well as your towels and other shower needs. No doubt this trend for walk-in conveniences is one that you should definitely consider if you have the floor space.

Backsplash Tile

There are countless options for backsplashes. While backsplashes are a design feature typically highlighted more often in kitchens, master bathrooms can feature a wide variety of backsplash options. Mosaic tile and subway tile are popular materials, and there are waterproof wallpaper options that can work, as well. Beyond simply tile, mixed materials are a great design option, too, with which you can show off personal style. One thing to always consider with bathrooms is the moisture level, so keep that in mind when choosing materials.

Quartz Countertops

Traditionally, ceramic tile has been the go-to choice for bathroom countertops. Stone countertops can be trendy, but quartz countertops have become increasingly popular as of late, especially for master bathrooms. While they can be pricier than even some natural stone choices, quartz countertop durability is unquestioned. It all depends on your budget. Modern tile gives you more design options than ever, though you do have to clean the grout lines. Quartz offers a seamless look that allows you to have specialized edging for extra style points, as well as minimal maintenance in the long-term.

Whatever design choices you make with your master bathroom, it’s good to keep these four standby design options in mind to have a starting point if you become overwhelmed.


Luxury Tubs for your Master Bathroom

To make your master bathroom a complete haven of relaxation, you need to get a luxury tub. There are plenty of options for the direction you can go in with this kind of purchase, so it has to fit your personal style as well as being a great tub. You can look around on online shopping sites as well as gathering inspiration on sites like Pinterest, and you will see that there are so many different designs out there. When looking for your dream tub, keep these things in mind to guide you towards the right choice for you.

Sunken or Level Tubs

This is one of the last words in luxury, and people really love to have them in their homes. A tub which is sunk into the floor gives you the impression of lying in a deep pool to relax. It looks great in the bathroom, as well as offering something really different to the usual options. You can also build up an area around the bath so that it becomes level with the surrounding area, if you do not have the ability to sink it into the floor. This will help for second or first floor bathrooms, for example.

Sinking Tubs

Not to be confused with the entry above, a sinking tub is all about dipping yourself into the water right down to your chin. This kind of tub is taller than it is wide, and you will need a set of steps to get into it. Having a wooden design makes you feel like you are in a Nordic spa, and can be very relaxing and refreshing. You can also get a wooden board to go across the top of the bath, so that you can rest something on top of it – like candles, a book, or a glass of wine.

Different Textures and Patterns

The tub doesn’t have to be a different shape to normal in order to be luxurious. You can go for the most traditional shape and still make it exciting by adding different textures. Mosaic stones are a great touch, or you can even use pieces of glass or mirror to create a dazzling effect. How about a bath with a crocodile skin layer around the outside for a fantastic new texture? Or a painted bath in a fun pattern, like cow print for example?

Claw foot Tubs

Of course, the traditional luxury bath has a claw foot design. This makes it look really fantastic, especially if the feet are really ornate or are made out of gold or silver. This gives you an impression of decadence, and of antique luxury. You can pair it with a white porcelain tub for the strongest effect. You can even get a tub which features gold plating round the outside if this appeals more to you! That really speaks of opulence and great wealth, and will impress any guest who happens to use your bathroom during their visit to you.