The Advantages of Building an Outdoor Kitchen Area for Your Home

Outdoor kitchen areas have become extremely popular in recent years. The convenience of having a kitchen outdoors during the warmer months of the year can’t be underestimated for those who entertain many family members and guests. The best part about outdoor kitchens is that there are plenty of options to fit your specific needs and budgetary considerations. Read more

Outdoor Kitchens for DC Metro and Virginia Homeowners

Decks, porches, and other outdoor spaces have long been a major focus for home improvement projects. One major trend that more DC Metro and Virginia homeowners are chasing is having an outdoor cooking space. It’s true that outdoor kitchens are perfect for entertaining family and friends, since they give you the advantage of not having to be inside to cook.

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Designing Your Kitchen For Optimal Pantry Space

Every kitchen needs a good pantry space. But some are designed without that consideration. That’s when a total redesign may be necessary for the best functionality. Here are some points to consider when working with a contractor to design your kitchen for optimal pantry space. Read more

Important Traits of a Kitchen Designer

When choosing a kitchen designer, there are important traits to look for. Any professional you work with should always have your best interests in mind, while also using their proven experience to upgrade your kitchen. You want your kitchen to function within your lifestyle, budget, and fashion sense. To do this, choose a designer who listens to your needs and plans the design around those conversations and examples. Anyone who works in interior design should have strong attention to detail, but in the kitchen, this is particularly important. Read more

Updating Kitchen Design and Plumbing for Less Maintenance

Plumbing and low maintenance solutions in the kitchen can go far beyond simply fixing a leaky faucet. Not only is it important to keep your kitchen up to code, but there are many plumbing and design options today that can make your kitchen stand up better to daily wear and tear. Plus, there are new conveniences that you may have never thought of before. Read more