4 Timeless Master Bathroom Design Trends

The master bathroom is meant to be your personal retreat. When researching the many design options and materials, decision making can become overwhelming, especially when it comes to researching trends. Therefore, understanding how to incorporate the latest bathroom design trends with your own personal style and specific needs is important. Here are four trends that should give your bathroom space timeless appeal and functionality

Oak Cabinets VS White Cabinets

The most popular choices for bathroom cabinetry recentlymaster-bathroom have been oak cabinets and white cabinets. White cabinets, painted or otherwise, provide a more modern look and are usually best suited for a space in which natural light will be limited. If you have a master bathroom with plenty of natural lighting, oak cabinets can provide a more traditional and rustic look. Beyond these considerations, it comes down to personal style when choosing between these two popular choices. Whatever type of cabinets you choose, keep in mind that the darker cabinets that you choose, the more lighting that should look to have in the space, whether artificial or natural.

Walk-in Conveniences

Walk-in showers have become quite popular in many of today’s bathroom designs for their easy access and universally-friendly design. Not everyone wants a tub, and most master baths that do tend to feature jacuzzis or other luxury tubs rather than a traditional tub unit. If a master bathroom has the space, walk-in closets are also a great add-on feature to have. Some master suites will actually have a walk-in closet accessible from both the bathroom and the bedroom. However, having a dedicated walk-in storage area just for the bathroom itself can be very helpful. Such a space gives you ample room for toiletries and hygiene necessities, as well as your towels and other shower needs. No doubt this trend for walk-in conveniences is one that you should definitely consider if you have the floor space.

Backsplash Tile

There are countless options for backsplashes. While backsplashes are a design feature typically highlighted more often in kitchens, master bathrooms can feature a wide variety of backsplash options. Mosaic tile and subway tile are popular materials, and there are waterproof wallpaper options that can work, as well. Beyond simply tile, mixed materials are a great design option, too, with which you can show off personal style. One thing to always consider with bathrooms is the moisture level, so keep that in mind when choosing materials.

Quartz Countertops

Traditionally, ceramic tile has been the go-to choice for bathroom countertops. Stone countertops can be trendy, but quartz countertops have become increasingly popular as of late, especially for master bathrooms. While they can be pricier than even some natural stone choices, quartz countertop durability is unquestioned. It all depends on your budget. Modern tile gives you more design options than ever, though you do have to clean the grout lines. Quartz offers a seamless look that allows you to have specialized edging for extra style points, as well as minimal maintenance in the long-term.

Whatever design choices you make with your master bathroom, it’s good to keep these four standby design options in mind to have a starting point if you become overwhelmed.


The Need To Know When Buying A Bathroom Sink

If you are considering renovation your bathroom or just plan on replacing a broken or old sink for a stylish new design, there are a few things you should know before you dive in head first.

1) Consider if you want to keep your existing faucet and attach it to the new sink or not. If so, then you will need a sink with the same faucet specification or holes for installation as the previous one.  The different kind you can get are single hole sinks, four inch three hole sibathroom-sinknks and widespread or eight inch three hole sinks. There is also a host of other specialist facets that require very specific installations and some may require their own sink.

2) The faucet specification aside, there are many different kinds of sinks and vanities you can get: wall mounted sink, pedestal sink, vessel sink and vanity, framed sink drop-in sink, under-mount sink, and cabinet style vanity.

  1. Wall mounted sinks speak for themselves, literally fastened to the wall. This is a very common compact design of sink.
  2. A pedestal sink has a central column that supports the main weight of the sink while simultaneously hiding the plumbing inside of it. The sink is also oftentimes fastened to the wall using silicon for extra support and stability.
  3. A vessel sink and vanity combo is a relatively recent arrival in the bathroom scene. It has a sink that stands atop a countertop with a vanity cabinet for storage and to hide the pluming. They come in many shapes and design, but the basic premise is that the sink is a floating vessel to hold water above the counter top. Most commonly seen with a class vessel.
  4. Framed sinks also commonly come with a vanity, but instead of being on top of the counter they are sunk in, so that they fit in flush with the counter top. This also allows for most water faucets to be placed on the counter top for ease of use. There is normally as frame where the sink connects to the countertop to hide the seam. This is also where the name comes from because most framed sink designs will have a frame.
  5. Drop-in sinks are basically framed sinks except, instead of a frame a drop-in sink has an oversized lip for the hole in the countertop allowing them to just drop in. you can install these in just about any counter top.
  6. Under-mount sinks have the sink mounted just underneath the countertop so that there is a gap between the sink and the width of the countertop. This is a very sleek and modern design. However, they can only be fitted to solid type countertops such as stone, granite or some synthetic composite types such as laminate. Like framed and drop-in sinks the pluming is hidden within the vanity.

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