Signs That You May Need a New Kitchen

It’s probably true that you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen for a very long time. But one thing or another kept coming up and the deferred maintenance has been building up. Still, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, so you can’t put off a remodel forever. Here are five signs that you shouldn’t be putting off building a new kitchen any longer.

Seriously, that knob fell off again?

Loose cabinet hardware is not a good sign. It’s possible that your cabinets may simply need refacing or simply new knobs and pulls. However, unless you have hand-built custom wood cabinetry, it may be best to invest in brand new cabinetry.. There are many affordable assembly line and semi-custom options available for a tight budget.

A piece of the floor is stuck to my foot!

Worn floors or broken tile is definitely a sign that you need to invest in at least a minor kitchen remodel.The last thing you need to have in your kitchen is a flooring surface that could cause trips, slips or falls. If you’re seeing a lot of cracks in your floor, or if pieces actually come off and stick to your foot, seek at least new flooring. Vinyl flooring is usually a strong solution, or if you have hardwood floors underneath your current surface, it may be worth refinishing them.

Help! I’m blind!

Proper lighting is crucial in any room, but a kitchen that is too dim or too bright can prove to be a problem. Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches, and frequent accidents. Too bright light can also cause headaches and intense artificial light isn’t too good for your eyes, either. Kitchens that have a high amount of natural light are best, but there are plenty of other artificial options, such as LED lighting, that can alleviate these potential issues.

Oh, you don’t want to go into the kitchen…

Sometimes, the kitchen is the one room in the house that a previous owner may have modeled a bit too much to his or her own unique tastes. Kitchens that were designed with then-current trends in mind can be a bit of an embarrassment to current owners. If it’s functional, it’s understandable why a remodel hasn’t been done sooner. A new paint job and some decor changes might do the trick as a stopgap measure. But if the countertops are peeling and the cabinets are falling apart, you probably want to look into a serious remodel.

Seriously, why is everything in the way?

One of the main reasons to remodel a kitchen is a need for better organization. An inefficient kitchen layout is a major issue when it comes to workflow for various tasks. It’s not so much the size of a kitchen as much as how well thought out the placement of cabinetry, counter space, and appliances has been. Some people would rectify this by knocking down a wall and going with an open concept, but any space, no matter how small, can be made to work.

What is Universal Kitchen Design

A kitchen is probably the most widely used rooms in your house. If you think about it, everyone goes there, including guests. Your kids have friends over and they go into the kitchen to get something to drink. Your little ones go into the kitchen to get cookies and snacks, or to ask you for cookies and snacks. You cook in the kitchen. Your husband comes to get dinner and snacks of his own. When your mother comes from the two of you hang out in thekitchen2 kitchen. This is just the tip of the iceberg on the number of people that trample through your kitchen.

It is for this reason that more designers are turning to what is referred to as the “universal kitchen design.”  What is understood is that so many people are using the kitchen, so it needs to be designed so that the widest range of people can use as many devices in the kitchen as possible. Let me explain further.

The design is made so that everyone feels like they can use whatever is in the kitchen. This ensures that one person does not have to do everything for everyone else. For example, the position of devices in the kitchen is placed so that it is reachable to most people, thus making it useable to most people.

The design of the kitchen is not just based upon height of family members. It is also based upon those that may have disabilities or illnesses. This allows those that may be elderly or in a wheelchair to be able to reach and use items in the kitchen. This ensures that others are not required to do all the work for them, so that they feel like they are much more useful and independent. The goal of this design is independence, and the kitchen design makes that happen.

The reason for this design occurred for many reasons, but one of them was related to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010. This law demanded that businesses make their store or office much more accessible to those with disabilities. Companies that made kitchen designs and appliances decided to apply these same standards to the way that appliances and the kitchen itself were going to meet the same standards as well.

What has been great is that they have exceeded all expectations. These devices and the way that the kitchen is put together are making it so that so many more people are able to use the kitchen than ever before.

By being more independent, self-worth and self-esteem is greatly increased. When a person is required to ask others to do virtually everything for them, they begin to lose a feeling of self, and feel like they cannot do anything for themselves. Because self-esteem can affect physical health as well, these new designs are helping people to feel more valuable, especially to them.

The universal kitchen design is making it so kids and grandparents alike can easily care for themselves in the kitchen, and provide for themselves.

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