Keep Your Summer Cooling Costs Down with Information From a Home Infrared Inspection

With summer on the way, you’re already planning on how much your cooling costs are going to cost you. However, you may be able to reduce your summer cooling costs by identifying areas of your home where the cool air is escaping. Just like when your home is leaking warm air, the same leaks will lead to needing to overwork your cooling system more than necessary.


So when it comes to saving wear and tear on your heating & cooling systems and your energy bills, the investment of an infrared inspection for your home is well worth it. Using thermal imaging cameras, infrared inspections give us information about your home that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This can include where moisture is getting trapped within your home, as well as where air is leaking for your home’s building envelope. These are not only issues that can cause you to lose valuable energy, but in the case of moisture, can also cause expensive damage to your home.


The benefit of a home infrared inspection is that it’s thorough. Not only does it take a look at your roofing, siding, windows, and other areas that might affect energy efficiency. The inspection will also look at your electrical systems, gas pipes and storage, appliances, and other machinery in your home. So not only could you find air leaks and other issues with your home’s energy efficiency, you could find other problems that could be fixed before they become big issues.


You could save some money on your air conditioning bill by making some repairs using the information from the inspection. These fixes could also help your heating bill in the fall and winter, too. But you will probably save a lot more money in the long run by identifying other issues that might be minor right now and easily fixed, but that could become major repairs in the future. Wherever you can save money is a good thing and it’s even better to also get peace of mind that you can get your home operating as it should.