Designing Your Kitchen For Optimal Pantry Space

Every kitchen needs a good pantry space. But some are designed without that consideration. That’s when a total redesign may be necessary for the best functionality. Here are some points to consider when working with a contractor to design your kitchen for optimal pantry space.

CI_transFORM-Kitchen-Pantry-2_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707Corners Provide The Most Pantry Space

If you only have a small amount of space to spare for your pantry, consider making it the corner. This will give you more room, as you can utilize both sides of the wall, allowing double the shelving space. This works if need floor to wall shelving on both sides. Yet, it also works if you would need one side for storing long items, like brooms and mops. It also keeps those items from touching your food. A corner pantry may also provide a place to hide the trash can inside.

In Small Spaces, Use Less Cabinets For More Pantry

Sometimes, people can get too carried away with cabinetry, forgetting to leave enough room for a pantry. Remember not to cover your entire wall space with smaller cabinets, as this can take away from the space available for a pantry and other essentials. Think about how much prep space you actually need, as compared to what may look good in a catalog. Functionality and convenience can look good as well.

Use Built-In Options For More Room

By using built-in storage options that go into the wall, you free up significant floor space. In a smaller kitchen, this is especially useful. While you may not want to expand too far into the floor space, this can help create even more room for the pantry. Think about how much you would need to store in your pantry, in relation to the number of people in your household, along with their habits. Built-in storage allows you to go into the wall or an unused living space for added room, whereas standalone storage doesn’t provide that option.

Use All The Space From Floor to Ceiling

The best pantry cabinets are those that reach all the way from the floor to the ceiling. If your desired pantry design doesn’t exactly do that, you may want to reconsider your options. Going from the floor all the way up maximizes the space available for storage. This allows your pantry to provide more space to fit your needs. Instead of wasting that space or having a wall cabinet above the pantry (that may be harder to reach into over the pantry), everything is conveniently located inside that one unit.

If Countertop Space is Limited, Consider a Center Island

Putting an island in the center of the room brings some counter space away from the wall, leaving more space for a pantry. If your kitchen is lacking wall space for a pantry, this could be the best way to solve the issue. It may actually be more convenient to have the island adjacent to the pantry for quicker preparation time. This way, you’re solving two issues at the same time.