Kitchen Remodeling and Design

It brings family together during the holidays, or simply invites you to that first cup of coffee to start your day. You want it to be a beautiful, well-designed space, and CITY Renovations and Remodeling can help you to make your kitchen just that. An important aspect of Kitchen Remodeling and Design is asking the right questions up front and knowing what underlying factors may be important.

We guide you through the entire Kitchen Remodeling and Design process from start to finish. We do not design or install just 1 brand of kitchen cabinetry or fixtures. We design your kitchen custom for you according to your lifestyle and/or budgetary requirements.


It was FABULOUS! Mike was friendly and easy to schedule with. He paid intricate attention to things I’d never have noticed – and when I’d say ‘don’t worry about it, I’ll never notice it!’ he refused to accept anything less than perfect accuracy.

Noro Cobo

Mike showed a great attention to detail, resolving problems that we had not anticipated with no added cost. We could not be happier with the final product and would highly recommend City Renovations and Remodeling to others.

Stephen Elliot

According to a recent Houzz readers poll.. there are a few things a Kitchen Remodeling and Design project must incorporate. We are seeing similar requests from our Kitchen Remodeling Homeowners:

  1. Don’t make the kitchen too large – a modest size kitchen means spending more on quality and lasting value.
  2. Better lighting – Skylights and Light Tubes (for single story homes). More recessed lighting over focal points in the home in 2+ story homes. Under-cabinet lighting where applicable.
  3. Double Bowl Sinks, adding a Prep Sink, or having 2 sinks.
  4. Large families or highly entertaining spaces may want 2 dishwashers.
  5. Counter Depth Fridge.
  6. Steam Oven.
  7. Induction Cook Top.
  8. Appliance Garage.
  9. Sound / speakers.
  10. Open Shelves.

These are just a few requests that we hear, as well as part of a longer list of things we’d discuss as part of your Kitchen Remodeling and Design project.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Don’ts