Landlords Open Micro Unit Rentals in D.C.

The D.C. region is facing a growing housing shortage. While the problem pales in comparison to Manhattan and other metropolitan areas, housing officials are trying to develop new solutions before the situation worsens. They have adopted the city’s first micro unit rentals, which will enable more people to live in the area. Read more

DC Council Introduces Bill to Expand Access to Affordable Housing

Rising housing costs continue to create a number of concerns for the city’s poorest residents. Several D.C. lawmakers have introduced two bills to address affordable housing concerns. Read more

$4 Million Affordable Housing Project Introduced in Virginia

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has recently introduced a number of new proposals to stimulate the state housing market. These ideas include a $1 billion initiative to repair and expand state schools. They more recently introduced a $4 million affordable housing program. The program will be developed by a group of private investors without the need for any government financing. Arlington citizens hope the new program could solve some of their affordable housing concerns. Read more

Demand for Apartments in Arlington Grows in Second Quarter

While the market for residential properties in Arlington has slowed in recent months, the demand for rental properties is rising more rapidly. According to data from Axiometrics, annualized rental properties increased 5% from the first quarter and 3.6% over the second quarter of 2014. Read more

Apartments and Townhouses Replace Larger Homes in Arlington

Arlington officials have been discussing strategies to improve access to reliable housing for the county’s 225,000 residents. Arlington County has had an abundance of housing for upper middle class citizens, but has struggled to keep up with demand for working class families moving to the area. They have recently started replacing old restaurants and vacant single family homes with apartments and townhouses.

500 Multifamily Housing Units Are Being Constructed

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